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Do you hate breaking down your 1911 pistol and fighting the barrel bushing and spring?  Well now, you no longer have to. The Thumb Buddy (PATENT PENDING) is machined from delrin bar stock and lets you control the recoil spring retainer with ease. It fits the bottom of the pistol perfectly and now your in control and not the spring. The reversed laser cut, stainless steel bushing wrench lets you turn even a fitted bushing with the Thumb Buddy in place. No more sore or damaged finger. No more flying parts. No more lost spring retainers. The Thumb Buddy can be used with a full length or standard guide rod.

Simple to use
To use, simply place the Thumb Buddy on the bottom of your 1911 pistol. Press down on it (with your thumb) to depress the recoil spring retainer. Use reversed laser cut, stainless steel bushing wrench to turn the bushing. Remove the spring retainer. It's that simple.
Henry Spee-D-Loader™
Spee-D-Loader™ is the only .22 rimfire tubular magazine speedloader available on the market today! Our Spee-D-Loader™ holds 16 rounds of .22LR. in each of the 8 separate chambers - allowing lightning fast reloading. Spee-D-Loader™ dimensions are 16" from endcap to spout, and 1.5" diameter (cap diameter). This loader works with all .22 ammo, including .22 short and .22 long, and magnum. Spee-D-Loaders™ are a must-have for every plinker out there!
SLIP 2000 Thumb Buddy                                                             $19.95
Henry Spee-D-Loader™
We are proud to be a SLIP 2000 gun care dealer. In our opinion, SLIP 2000 provides the very best gun cleaning and lubricating products available anywhere, plus the USMC can't be wrong on their choice for weapon care. Take pride in your weapon and treat your investment with only the very best. For complete SLIP 2000 product descriptions and testimonials, visit their web site by clicking the button below. 
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Gun Lube
Designed for everyday shooting and maintenance. Works on all guns. Exceeds current MiL-PRF 63460 E. Gun Lube is truly an "ALL IN ONE" synthetic lubricant providing complete benefits as a Gun Lubricant, Gun Cleaner and a Preservative. Formulated especially for use on pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

SLIP 2000 Gun Lube
1 Oz. Bottle $3.80
4 Oz. Bottle $8.75
EWL - Extreme Weapons Lubricant
Slip 2000 EWL was designed for use on chain guns and machine guns like AR15, MP5 and 249SAW. It contains a proprietary anti-wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 90-95%. EWL is formulated to provide maximum performance in larger guns that may have issues with friction and heat while providing all the benefits of our regular lubricant.
1 Oz. Bottle $7.65 
4 Oz. Bottle $13.75

725 Gun Cleaner
This is your all purpose cleaner. 725 Gun Cleaner will cut through the toughest cosmoline, carbon, grease and grime! Its super strength allows it to degum and degunk the dirtiest of gun parts. It can be sprayed on directly or used in parts washers, solvent tanks and ultrasonic cleaners!
SLIP 2000 Gun Cleaner
4 Oz.Pump Spray $13.75
Copper Cutter
Copper Cutter will strip all copper, lead, powder residue and plastic wad fouling from bore surface.
SLIP 2000 Copper Cutter
4 Oz.Pump Spray $8.95
Carbon Killer
Carbon Killer removes carbon, grease, lead and plastic fouling on contact. It is an aggressive cleaner designed for soaking dirty metal gun parts that have a lot of rounds on them or are very overdue for a cleaning. Can be used as a bore cleaner.
SLIP 2000 Carbon Killer Bore Cleaner
4 Oz. Bottle $9.75
Hoppes Boresnake Pistol 22LR
Hoppes Boresnake Pistol 380/9MM/38/357
Hoppes Boresnake Pistol .44-.45
Hoppes Pistol Boresnakes                $17.00        
Quickest way to clean your bore. Weighed Brass/Cotton/Nylon cord fed from the receiver to the end of the barrel. Use it to clean and lube your bore back to factory quality. Comes in 3 sizes:( 22LR), (357 / 38 / 9MM / 380), and (.44 /. 45). 
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